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Her name is Inanna. Spoiled granddaughter of King Anu of the planet Arra, she is more obsessed with being a queen on Earth than in saving Arra from a disaster set in motion by her malicious father, Morgoth. The feud between the Arkonian Morgoth and his Arran half-brother Ea, a deadly struggle for Anu's throne that began on Arra, continues after they arrive on Earth. Promising to unite the feuding clans, Inanna marries Ea's son, Dumuzi, but her marriage is only a ruse to become queen. In the fierce battle of political brinksmanship that pushes both brothers toward war, Dumuzi is killed. She blames Ea's oldest son, Marduk. Inanna grieves, but not for Dumuzi. She mourns losing her one chance to be a queen. To humor her, Anu agrees to make her Queen of the Indus, but only if she acquires the proper training. Determined to meet the test, she seduces Ea and then Anu, who keeps his promise. As queen, she builds a magnificent palace and finds the perfect consort, Sargon. But Sargon makes a fatal mistake. After he steals the sacred sword from Babylon, Marduk hounds Sargon to death. Inanna now blames Marduk for the deaths of Dumuzi and Sargon. After a bloody rampage of war on Earth, and the utter destruction of the cities, Inanna returns to Arra. Anu promises to keep her confined to his palace on Arra, out of mischief. But does he? Or do her further brazen acts earn her the immortal title of "Queen of Vengeance"?