Award winning author Hugh Howey's The Shell Collector now available for pre-order on Audible

Hear Samara Naeymi narrate acclaimed author Hugh Howey's The Shell Collector. Hugh Howey is also the author of the best selling and award winning Wool series.

Mary Alice Monroe, the bestselling author of  The Summer’s End had this to say:

Green fiction at its finest! With science, romance and mystery, The Shell Collector will appeal to both men and women. I’ve been waiting for a hard hitting novel about the state of our oceans–and this is it!

The ocean is dying. The sea is growing warmer and is gradually rising. Seashells have become so rare that collecting them is now a national obsession. Flawless specimens sell like priceless works of art. Families hunt the tideline in the dark of night with flashlights. Crowds gather on beaches at the lowest of tides, hoping to get lucky.